Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rainy days

I have to admit, I have love love loved the weather in utah lately. I know most wouldn’t agree, and don’t get me wrong I love the sun too, but rainy days are probably my favorite.  they’re cozy. and the rain makes everything so fresh and green and I just happen to think our little utah county looks  so beauteeful right now.

our rainy days have been filled with lots of relaxing in our sweats. we have been staying current with the playoffs,


and reading some dr. seuss,


as much as we like the rain though, its time for a little sun. I have a little one who absolutely loves being outside and it has been wonderful getting out and enjoying the nice weather the last few days.

I have to share a photo mckay took of the birds nest near our front porch.


it’s basically like a planet earth episode right in front of us : ). we’re pretty excited to see those pretty blue eggs hatch.

exciting news of the week: chris got his mission call today. orsono, chile. it looks like an amazing area and we are all so excited for him.


in other news. saturday we are leaving for what has been called the last big family vacation since chris will be leaving (oct. 12), mairin will be moving to new york in august, and who knows where we will be. we are spending some time in Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, both places neither of us have been before. we are pretty pumped. mckay and no work for two weeks = heaven, and I am delighted I’ll get to spend so much time with both of my boys.


love them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 months

our baby turned three months old today. I really can’t believe it. we celebrated of course by enjoying a bubble bath and a nice long nap (henry, not me), playing with monkeys, watching a little how to train your dragon ( he loves watching the bright colors and lights):


a little stroll outside between rainstorms,



and dancing in the kitchen with grandma. we sure do love our sweet boy.



Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day and our other blog

Mothers Day might just be my new favorite holiday. Henry’s present to me was starting to sleep 7-8 hours a night this week. I’m starting to feel human again.

it was so fun to spend the day with family, and to talk to brother adam in Israel and brother marty in Australia, at the same time, on speakerphone. 


also. we started another blog. I decided to start a food blog to keep our favorite recipes all in one place. mckay contributed by coming up with a title. check it out if you wish : )

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

henry goes to the beach

the trip. like I said, it was wonderful. we left saturday morning, the day after graduation. at this point husband and I had a total of 8 hours sleep in the last 48 hours, and we were tired. skeptical of how the 10 hour drive would turn out we left early in the morning hoping for the best. we just so happened to be blessed with a child that does great in the car. he slept practically the whole way. we did have to stop to feed him a few times, which added quite a bit of time to the already long drive. and we are also entering into the world of massive blowouts. im pretty sure we went through 4 outfits by the time we got to carlsbad.

sunday came. easter. I was disappointed I hadn’t had enough time to put together baskets for henry or mckay. I realize henry isn’t even 3 months old yet, so I’m sure he didn’t mind. but it was his first easter. and I didn’t even take pictures of him in his cute easter outfit. fail.

the majority of the trip was spent eating amazing food,  shopping, and relaxing.


we are lucky enough to have family to stay with in Carlsbad. Henry loved being around the Greenwood ladies. he also met Cooper, the Greenwood’s king charles spaniel who desperately wanted to be henry’s friend.


we took a few trips to the beach, the weather was perfect. we learned that henry ray truly loves being outside. whenever he would get fussy we would take him outside and he would quickly calm down and look all around with big wide eyes.  this was especially the case at the beach.






we also made a trip down to the San Diego temple to walk around the grounds. henry seemed to enjoy that as well.



mckay and brother chris accidentally matched that day. cutesy.




it was a good day : )

and a good trip.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

baby blue eyes


we are back from vacation. it was so so wonderful. although I must say travelling with a baby is completely new territory for us and we are quite exhausted. I’m hoping to write more tomorrow….or maybe the next day.