Thursday, December 4, 2008

one month later...

November was super busy but not especially eventful, so we havent gotten around to posting anything lately, but we figured with thanksgiving behind us and christmas upon us, we should give an update. school is thankfully almost over for the semester. we are both going crazy trying to get everything finished before classes end. emily is working on a few papers and i have two more midterms to study for before finals (what are my teachers thinking?).

work is becoming more eventful for me. for those of you who dont know, i am working in the research and development division of a company called Cosmas, inc. its a company that my chemistry professor from last year started a little bit ago, and a little bit after spring semester he asked if i would work for him. i took the job with no hesitation and left the hospital as soon as i finished up my remaining shifts. since then i have been working on making nanoparticles (if you need an explanation you'll have to call or email me because it is too long for the blog!) and i have loved it so far. right now we are in the process of trying to secure some money for next year, and so lately i have been writing a lot of papers to show important people with bags of money that what we do is cool and they should pay us do it some more. i am hoping that eventually some of the stuff i write will make it into a journal or something. if it does, i will send a copy to everyone who wants one.

thanksgiving weekend was big for us. we obviously celebrated thanksgiving and ate lots of food and played lots of xbox (well, i did anyway). we also got some shopping done on friday including our christmas tree. we put it up saturday night, and then sunday we lit and decorated it. we did most of our christmas decorating sunday. now that i think of it, we probably should put some pictures of that on the blog. ill work on that. no promises, though.

you all may have noticed at the bottom of the screen that my two beloved teams are not having great years. your heartfelt condolences are welcome and appreciated. i will also accept empathy from any fans of the san diego chargers, detroit lions, memphis grizzlies or milwaukee bucks, because you know all too well what i am going through.

maybe ill go look for our camera now