Wednesday, September 8, 2010

baby mama.

someone's got a bun in the oven and that someone is me! hooray for the rytting family :) wonderful Mr. Stork will be circling the rytting home sometime mid march and we couldn't be happier. The word has slowly been spreading around, so we're not really sure who all knows. but baby is now 13 weeks along and we feel like its time to celebrate and let everyone in our little blogging world know.

There is so much i could write about, how much i hate food right now, how i wear my pants unbuttoned, held together by a stretchy hair tie (so attractive but i have no shame), how it takes me a week to do the laundry so by the time its folded and put away its time to do another two loads (gross), how i truly look more pudgy than pregnant. but, sweet baby is healthy as far as we can tell, and actually quite shy. at 9 weeks it wasn't wanting to pose for the camera right away, and at yesterdays appointment, it was curled up cozy deep inside my belly and proving a little tricky to find. So i am grateful. This pregnancy thing is becoming more real by the day and so i really have more excitement and joy to think about now than the somewhat frustrating and undesirable side effects of pregnancy. We feel so blessed and a little overwhelmed at times that Heavenly Father is trusting us with such a special gift. We are really excited to be parents and I am so looking forward to seeing my love be a daddy.