Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a little progress

I realize this blog has kind of turned into the “henry show”, but it is a record of rytting life, and he’s pretty much what’s going on right now.

last weekend we experienced Henry’s first case of the sickies. we’re still not sure what it was exactly, probably just a sore throat, or a tiny cold, or allergies but being the nervous new mother that I am, I called the dr. at the littlest sign of congestion. the visit to the dr.’s office might have been a little premature, but we learned on our visit that henry is certainly eating well, in fact he gained about 2 pounds since his 2 week old visit. that puts him at a whopping 9 lbs. 5 oz., which makes us oh so happy. I looove his squishy little cheeks and double chin. 


 taking care of a sick babe was a little stressful,  but we survived and feel a little more confident in ourselves as parents. go us! 

so with henry’s added weight he is starting to sleep longer through the night, which is very very appreciated. of course sleeping longer means sleeping 3.5-4 hours at a time instead of 3, but I’ll take what I can get. he actually made it 5 hours last night, a true miracle : )



more sleep equals more playtime with dad.

more progress…I actually finished one of my henry projects from a very long list.



car seat canopy. I like it. it’s far from perfect, but it was quick and so simple (my kind of project) and most importantly its functional! with the nasty weather lately it has definitely been useful.

progress with school. mckay is slowly coming closer to graduation and we are so excited. we’ve been hearing from schools, we’re still waiting to hear from about half. it’s fun to day dream of where we might end up in august. mckay applied to both chemical and nuclear programs, and with what is happening in japan, it might not be the right time to get into the nuclear industry. so that might effect where we end up. in other school news…. the mrs. might be graduating sooner than we thought…. things are still getting worked out, but those who know of my current school situation will understand what a miracle it is.



my family had a shower for me and henry this past weekend. it was originally scheduled for February, in fact the invites went out the day I went into labor, oops.  I love playing hostess so I was so happy that my mom let me help. she wasn’t sure on a theme, so we used some books and toys I had ordered from henry on amazon. we made it really bright and colorful. considering we came up with the idea a few days before I think it turned out great if I do say so myself! : )







and my cousin and aunt put together the cutest favors, a cd of lullaby songs for henry! what a good idea. we’ve already put it to good use more than once. it was such a fun day and im so grateful for all the family and friend that came. henry was still a little sicky that day so the plan was to keep him downstairs with mckay. I took him up before people started coming, he had been a little fussy. but the second he came upstairs he was so calm and content, he ended up staying around for a little bit, he loved being surrounded by women! so funny. he is definitely a ladies man.

Friday, March 18, 2011

happy baby

when I was pregnant I had every intention of reading as many books as I could about parenting, babies, etc..  but as I got more pregnant, I tended to fill my time with sleep, instead of reading. I did manage to read two books though and one has proven to be quite a gem.


This book teaches how to handle a crying/colicky baby and while the book got a little repetitive the skills and techniques we learned have been a lifesaver in the rytting house. despite the fact that Henry is an extremely mellow baby he does still tend to have his tantrums.  when he does happen to be throwing a fit, we simply use some of the steps from the book and he quickly (like we’re talking seconds) goes from red faced and screaming uncontrollably to a peaceful, content baby. its seriously amazing, especially when these tantrums come at 3:30 in the morning. so im so grateful that I just so happened to read this book, because it’s definitely been a blessing. right now I’m reading a book on setting up a sleep schedule for the babe, hopefully it is just as helpful.

our babe is 5 weeks old today. he’s starting to stay awake for longer periods of time which is so so fun. we love seeing him alert and so curious.





we’re also keeping track of byu in the tournament. excited to watch the game against gonzaga tomorrow. its been fun watching byu do so well this season, and fun to attend a few of their home games.




mckay took these pictures at the byu v sdsu game. probably one of the most exciting sports event we’ve been to. hopefully they do well this weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

recent obsessions

the husband and I have fallen victim to some major obsessions lately. first, these gentlemen:


this obsession has been going on for a few months now. they are wonderful, and we love them so. we’re pretty bummed we missed them perform at the grammy’s. thank you youtube. our bucket list now includes seeing them perform live. we fantasize about eating in an irish pub one day, and having them come out of nowhere and surround our table and play just for us : ). what a party.



Parks and Recreation. thanks to netflix we are quickly making our way through season 2. we can’t go to bed without watching a few episodes first.

Mckay’s obsession: lately he has been glued to his phone, playing classic nintendo games like Super Mario World and Zelda. its almost impossible to have a conversation with him while he’s playing.


and finally:


this particular obsession is just mine. I swear I have more cravings now than I did when I was pregnant. mckay wont waste his time with them since  he thinks they’re not a real cookie. but I cant get through my day without one. well three. I only allow myself three a day. and it makes me happy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hot date.

last night my parents offered to watch henry while me and mckay went out on a date. the first date in quite some time so although we missed the babe (and wondered what he was doing every few minutes) we were grateful for it. we saw this:


which we enjoyed. its pretty hard to find something to complain about in a matt damon movie : ) and the movie made me like emily blunt even more.

then we got dinner here:


since it just so happened to be taco tuesday, our entire meal was under $8. not too shabby. I’ll be honest, we think about their fish taco’s more than we probably should. they’re so tasty, and only $1.25 on tuesdays. wonderful. so there it is, a date night for the ryttings! pretty low key but still delightful. it was nice to get out for a few hours. even nicer to have a sweet little babe to come home to.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 weeks old and some gratitude


this little gentleman turned three weeks old yesterday.  can hardly believe it. it feels like time has gone by insanely fast, but thinking back to being in the hospital, that feels like forever ago. we are having so much fun with our little man,.and even though I am so looking forward to the day I get more than 2.5 hours of consecutive sleep, we are enjoying every single day.

thinking about all that’s happened the last month we have a. lot. to be grateful for. in fact there’s quite the list, but just to name a few:

grateful that henry is eating well and gaining weight like it was his job. we love the little fat wrinkles he’s getting. in fact we celebrated this week by moving on from newborn clothes and into some 0-3 month duds. still fit a little too big, but that’s okay.

grateful we have no more dr.’s appointments for 6 weeks, getting his blood tested multiple times a week was a little too rough on me.

grateful for my love and the amazing dad that he is. love that he takes such good care of us and rocks at changing diapers. in fact he’s so good, I might just let him takeover all diaper changing duties. forever.

grateful the weather is getting warmer. I cant wait to play in the sun with our little family.

grateful for all the friends and family that have done so much for us the last few weeks.

grateful I get to stay home all day with my sweet boy, which makes me realize I’m also grateful for hulu, I have to stay up on my shows somehow right? I admit I watch a few minutes while henry is eating. which makes me remember I’m also grateful Michelle got sent home on the Bachelor :) ridiculous that I watch I know , but we all have our guilty pleasures. and I’m telling you, she was bad news.

I could go on, and make this post really really long, but I wont. so to myself I will count the rest of our blessings. and once again end this post with some pictures of our chubs. ( a little blurry, hopefully I can get the hang of our new lens)





tummy time with dad

also, these lovelies came in the mail recently:


after searching for months for some baby bedding that I liked I finally gave up and decided to make my own. crazy since my sewing skills are so limited, but I fell in love with this cloud 9 fabric. I might be in way over my head. luckily I have a few months before Henry moves from the bassinet to his crib. considering how long it takes me to finish the laundry or even shower lately, I’ll definitely need those months. wish me luck!