Tuesday, April 26, 2011

college grad

April 22 was a special day for us. mckay graduated from byu with a BS in chemical engineering. HOORAY! we are so excited and proud of him.



(it was a big day for the Rytting family, sister Mairin also graduated with a masters in Accounting)

honestly sometimes I felt like this day would never come. so many many late nights for mckay and lots of hard work. its exciting that this day marked the end of his undergraduate career and we can now move on to the next phase of our life. we only wish we knew exactly what we will be doing or where we will be. yep, still waiting to hear from a few schools before we can make a decision on grad school. we’re in a weird state of limbo you could say. 

but at least for now we are  experiencing that state of limbo in beautiful southern california! the day after graduation we packed up the car and headed out on our first vacation as a family of 3….pictures to come : )



photos of the ryttings lazy days the past week or so.





lots of relaxing and lounging around.

got it. proof that the babe is officially full of smiles.





Friday, April 15, 2011

hello sun!

this week mckay attended his very last class at byu. I dare say forever. it’s the end of our byu era and it feels wonderful and a little strange at the same time. mckay has only one final and then graduation next week. we are so excited. and I am so proud of all his hard work.

we have certainly enjoyed having mckay home a little more the last few days.  today took us down to provo for henry’s 2 month check up. our chubs is growing wonderfully. 12 lbs .5 oz.. not really looking forward to immunizations next week. breaks my heart just thinking about it.

speaking of being 2 months old, we still really cant believe how fast time goes. henry changes every day and it is so much fun to see him grow. he’s starting to smile, haven’t been able to capture it on film yet.  nowadays we are loving the bumbo (thanks sandersons! ) he just sits and stares at the lights, so funny.




he truly enjoys bath time.


and we’re pretty sure he is already a jazz fan. watching the jazz beat denver on wednesday was bittersweet.  happy gordon hayward played so well,  and for the win. sad the season is over.


while in provo today we enjoyed the most perfect weather and took a few pictures.



the top one was sent out with mckay’s graduation announcement : ) so exciting!