Saturday, January 15, 2011

8 weeks and counting….

a few recent noteworthy events for us Ryttings:

{1} Mckay completed 12 Graduate School Applications. yes 12. We probably could have done half that, but we like the idea of having options. Well, hopefully we’ll have options. Our top two choices are Berkeley and University of Washington in Seattle, we just feel like we could adapt to West Coast life pretty easily.

{2} baby and I hit our 32 week mark. cant believe we’ll actually have a sweet baby boy at the end of all this. 8 weeks is going to be here before we know it. speaking of the babe, the last month or so has been filled with almost non stop movement, which is so unbelievable. Its amazing for Mckay to be able to feel so much. so weird to look down and watch my stomach being kicked around. The non-stop kicking and pushing can get a little tiring and uncomfortable at times. We found out that speakers on my belly calms him down for a little bit. little man likes brahms.  at 32 weeks:


I’m feeling ginormous. The tummy is getting in the way of things , especially at work and I’m starting to waddle. 2 more months to go, lets hope I can make it. 

I’m also a little worried that I won’t get through the long list of baby crafts/projects I was hoping to have finished before the mr. got here. Hopefully once I’m done working I’ll be able to get some things done. I did do a few appliqued onesies, so that’s something at least. cant wait till he can actually wear these.



Well December came and went, much too fast I think, and its time for a little update. Better late than never.  Once again, there aren’t many pictures of our Holidays, we didn’t really feel like hauling the camera around with us, something I would regret  more if I was a lot skinnier and tanner right now.

Our month was a busy one, with both Rytting parents working in the music world we are pretty spoiled with all the Christmas concerts and shows we get to go to. We went to the Utah Valley Symphony Christmas Concert, they played music from Home Alone, which sounded so amazing and festive, among other great Christmas classics.  The Nutcracker, which is always a must. We also  made the trek up to the Cathedral Madeline for the Children’s Choir concert, which was once again, one of our favorites.



Not the best picture of us, we look a little too tired and chubby. Well I do, so ignore that fact and direct your eyes to Mckay’s chest hair. This is just one of the only pictures we got of us during the entire month so I felt like I should use it.

We also made a stop at the Christmas tree at Gateway. Just a little nerd fact for you ( I know this because I married one) but that tree was named “the Brightest Tree in America”.  This didn’t really make sense to us, but, since the tree was only 48 feet tall and used 90,000 lights made it have more lights per branch than any other tree in the country. Compared to the Rockefeller tree which was I think close to 100 feet tall and only used somewhere around a third that many lights, that’s pretty impressive.  also impressive is the fact that the Gateway tree used a lot less power than the most of the other trees that made the top 10.  the end.

Christmas break is also time for my favorite Jacobs tradition, the Salt Lake weekend. We always stay at Little America, which is always decorated so amazing for Christmas.  We shopped at Gateway, saw Tron, ate at Stone Ground and Tucano’s (a pregnant girls paradise), went swimming, watched the Jazz game, and finished the weekend off with the Christmas Brunch with Santa, too perfect.


This is the only good picture from that weekend. didn’t even get one of the entire family : (

With this potentially being our last Christmas break living in Utah we tried to spend as much time with each of our families as possible, and since our families live 20 minutes apart we spent a lot of time driving back and forth. Our break was full of family time, movies, games, puzzles, amazing food, relaxing, shopping. It was heaven.  We seriously got spoiled by both families this Christmas but I have to mention a couple gifts that completely thrilled us. Mckay got a bike trainer so he can ride his road bike in the house during the winter, so great. I got some new lenses for our camera, soooo excited, and just in time for the little man, I have a feeling Im going to be one of those annoying moms that takes pictures of anything and everything their baby is doing. I also got the most dreamy diaper bag:


I just have to say I have had my eye on Petunia Pickle Bottom bags since even before I was ever pregnant. Embarrassing I know, but just imagine how thrilling  it is to finally be the proud owner of one. Its beautiful.

December also meant our last month with our beloved Primary Class. We’re now teaching the 8 year olds, which is a lot less crazy, but we loved and miss our wild little class. We made them some Christmas goodies for their last day with us:


These little pretzel bites were so easy and fun to make and we were surprised that something so simple was oh so addicting. The white ones are Hershey’s Kisses, fudge filled I think, and the others are Rolo’s. You stack mini pretzels (the square window shaped ones work the best) with the chocolate and stick them in a 200 degree oven for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes pull them out and press an M & M into the top. I think I might have to make these every year.


and Melted Snowman Cookies.  I got this idea online. I  only wish I was creative enough to come up with something like this on my own.

Anyways, wonderful, busy, fun month. Next year, Christmas with the babe, I think that might easily top this year.