Wednesday, May 30, 2012

family photos.

but first, a story. we had been trying to get family photos done for months but for a variety of reasons hadn’t gotten around to it until a few weeks ago. I had been starting to feel major guilt at having no professional photos of henry. I love how these photos turned out. kind of wish Mckay wasn’t sporting a mustache at the time but oh well. so this photo session was highly anticipated in our house, we found a great photographer, perfect date, perfect location. I thought I’d picked a good outfit. reminder: if the camera adds 10 pounds, a maxi dress adds 20. I had timed the day perfect, Henry had napped, bathed, eaten and was happy. 20 minutes before we needed to leave: I was dressed and ready. Mckay was dressed and ready and had started to dress Henry. I was in the bathroom trying to get my stupid boy lashes to stay curled, I turned to go into the living room to grab Henry’s pants for Mckay and instead of going through the door walked straight into the wall-whilst still curling my lashes. My elbow hit the wall, shoving my eyelash curler into my eyebrow aaaand ripping out half of my eyelashes. I freaked. at first I just stared at the eyelashes stuck in my curler, then looked at the gaping bald spot on my eyelid, then started to feel the little cut on my eyebrow. then I cried, more than just a little. 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave. and I looked like a monster. I eventually calmed down, my eyelashes still haven’t grown back but at least I can say I love these pictures, and I love that most of them aren’t close ups. ps aren’t my boys handsome?!

IMG_9350IMG_9375IMG_9381 copy


IMG_9387 copyIMG_9419 copy

IMG_9476 copyIMG_9495


IMG_9594 copyIMG_9593 copy


IMG_9632 copy


IMG_9645 copyIMG_9647IMG_9656 copy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This past weekend was a doozy. I don’t know why but everything that we did or that happened just seemed perfect to me. It was a good weekend. Friday I met my mom and Grandma at Highland Gardens where we spent a beautiful sunny morning picking out flowers and herbs for me to plant for our little porch. I also picked up a cheap little pool to put in our front yard for Henry. After shopping we met my dad for sushi. heaven I tell you. Henry refused to take a nap but chose to play happily in the crib (never happens) long enough for me to plant everything. We loaded up the car and headed home. We met Mckay at home and spent a couple of hours outside playing in the yard and playing with sidewalk chalk. We made burgers on our new grill for dinner.





I’m going to be honest I’m quite obsessed with my little garden and check on my plants more than I’d care to admit. for the record I planted : mint, rosemary, thyme, chives, dill, oregano, cilantro, basil, boxwood basil, jalepeno’s and in front of our house: roma’s, bell peppers, salsa and anaheim peppers, we eat a lot of salsa in this house. anyways, we’ll see how long I can keep them alive…I don’t have the best record. We’ve used the herbs in sandwiches and salads, last night I made homemade pesto and my new all time favorite thing in the world, mint limeade. there is nothing better.

Saturday we had waffles and berries for breakfast. We took a walk to visit the ducks, then Henry took a blissfully long nap. While Henry was napping Mckay biked from our house to my parents house in Alpine. We met him there and then went with my family to Thanksgiving Point. Ever since our visit to the Museum of Natural History I’ve been dying to see more Dinosaurs (so random). I love them right now. We thought Henry would enjoy seeing the fossils and mostly playing in the huge sandbox they have there. About 5 seconds inside the museum we realized being outside would be a better option. So off to the Animal Farm we went. It was such a nice day and I loved seeing how interested Henry got in the animals. We decided farm animals are kind of gross, and stupid, but we had lots of fun. We took a ride in a horse drawn wagon and ate at the Deli before heading home.





Sunday brought Mothers Day. One of my new favorite holidays. Mckay completely surprised me with a beautiful quilt from Anthropology. We went to church with my family, then relaxed and took a wonderful afternoon nap. In the afternoon we went to the Ryttings to anxiously wait for a call (via skype) from Elder Rytting in Chile. We also skyped with Mairin and it was basically the funnest. It was so fun to see and talk to Chris and all be together as a family, even though we were in three separate places.



and just because these are so funny: