Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Go Jazz!

The past two days have been huge for the Jazz, and so I thought I should put this up to celebrate. We love Paul Millsap! I made this in Photoshop to celebrate the Jazz wins!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

no more “it” baby.

21 week ultrasound was much anticipated in the Rytting house.  Like I said we were counting down the days.  I for one was super anxious to see if baby was growing great and healthy, and I couldn’t wait to find out what we were having so I could get busy  making lots of little goodies for the babe. Going in to the appointment I was still thinking it was a girl, and it took all of 0.2 seconds for the doctor to tell us it was a BOY!  very, very clearly a boy I might add :) It was amazing seeing our little mister moving around, he was super active! Sweet baby boy also apparently has a big head…thanks to mckay, and is measuring 5 days bigger than average, sounds like we might have a big baby on our hands! The only downside to the ultrasound is the mister was facing away from us so we never got to see a profile. and because people have asked, no, I wasn’t disappointed that it wasn’t a girl, I knew I was going to be so happy with either. In fact when the doctor told us it was a boy the first thought I had was “perfect”.  Adding a little boy to our family is absolutely perfect, and we could not be happier. And if he looks anything like his papa:


he is going to be quite the little heartbreaker.

After the dr. we made a quick trip to baby gap to buy a little outfit. We met my family for dinner and showed them what we bought:


We are all so excited and grateful for our sweet boy and can’t wait for him to make his appearance in March!

We do have a name picked out, we’re pretty set on it, but I am just a little hesitant to completely commit to it. It’s just a little intimidating naming a human, especially since the name we have in mind isn’t exactly traditional.  a little background on the name, Mckay thought of it a couple years ago, and I instantly hated it. It took awhile but it slowly grew on me.  Then we had family members who heard about the name and they loved it, and it was talked about so much that it kind of just became the baby’s name. And now when I think about it it just seems like his name and I cant imagine him being called anything else.  Still, if you know me you know I am terrible at making decisions, especially one as big as this.  So while we have a name basically picked out, we wont be putting it on walls or in frames or on clothes or anything, and we’ll probably just refer to him as baby boy,  I think I’ll have to just wait and see when he gets here. but just because I always want to know what people are naming their kids I’ll fill you in on the name: Nixon Ray. Ray is set in stone, for my sweet grandpa.  We’ll see if Nixon sticks around till march, though I have a feeling it will. Whatever his name ends up being we are so excited for him to get here!