Thursday, June 28, 2012

fun day

Last Thursday we braved the super high temperatures and had ourselves a little family day, well half day. Mckay finished work early so we could go check out the Strawberry Days carnival in Pleasant Grove. Although we’ve been to the Rodeo we’ve never been to the carnival so we were excited to see what was there. We went having only one goal in mind:


Strawberries and Cream. We were obsessed with them at the Rodeo (4 years ago) and we were so happy they had them at the carnival. They were amazing, we each had two… and since we had blown our “eating healthy” habits out the window for the day we decided to continue and indulge with a funnel cake.


Also amazing. We walked around the booths, Henry loved looking at the fun games and rides.



We took Henry on his first Carousel ride. Based on his expression we’re still not sure what he thought about it.



Anyways, it was hot. so once we’d had enough we drove down to River Woods to test out their splash pad. Henry loved it. And we loved watching him have so much fun. We didn’t even bother changing him out of his clothes. probably one of our new favorite hang out spots.





We had fun, in case you were wondering.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

cabin weekend

Last weekend we took a little trip up to the cabin with Gma and Gpa Rytting. We always have so much fun and always wish we could stay longer. After getting a healthy lunch of burgers and shakes at Dicks we stopped at Provo River Falls, one of my favorite places in the Uintas. We had the place to ourselves for awhile and Henry loved exploring around.






For Henry the weekend was filled with exploring, throwing rocks in the river, sweeping (new obsession), and WALKING both with help and finally on his own! We were so excited and he is so proud of himself. Perhaps a video when I’m smart enough to figure that out.

On Saturday we took a very bumpy ride down to Cataract Gorge, a new place for all of us. It was beautiful and such a fun new place to explore. We completed our family’s 8th hike of the year. We have a goal to complete 25 hikes this year. okay we may have had an original goal of 50 hikes but soon realized that to be a little too ambitious.



not only does he walk, he hikes! and climbs. a little too soon to do that on his own though.

DSC_0155 DSC_0162DSC_0164




It was a perfect relaxing weekend. We allowed ourselves to eat more snacks than normal (we can do that on vacations…), we read, slept in and played Ticket to Ride for hours straight. It’s always a good time at the Rytting cabin.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mr. personality

Henry turned 17 months on the 11th. Almost a year and a half?! It can’t be true. I feel like every mom says this about their kid but I cannot get over how fast time goes. Despite my slight sadness in my always growing baby we are absolutely loving seeing him progress and watching his personality develop more and more. He is such a character, we are honestly laughing at him all day long. and even though he’s getting older and bigger he still is the best at giving hugs, we’re talking tight tight squeezes here. He loves to cuddle (sometimes) and I still choose to rock him to sleep for naptime. I think I might hold on to that as long as I can.

He’s pretty independent in a lot of ways, particularly when it comes to eating. He insists on feeding himself and has been for months now. He is a really good eater for the most part but I sometimes have to get creative to get him to eat his veggies.


You would think that his independence with eating would make him independent in other major skills, say walking. But no such luck. He is this close to walking, but we’ve been saying that for weeks and weeks now. He just doesn’t seem to care about walking, he loves to walk when he’s holding someone’s hand, and moves pretty fast. But he is so speedy at crawling that he’s sticking to that. We have managed to get a few steps out of him in the past few weeks, usually tempting him with treats. his record is 5 in a row but then he realizes he’s walking with no help and gets mad. So now we’re kind of just letting him decide when he wants to do it.


This boy loves the water.


This past weekend my family was in town. He is so loved by all of his uncles and aunts on both sides. He played with Toby (he loves dogs), DSC_0033DSC_0034

shared a bowl of Captain Crunch with Grandpa,



and got to spend some time with Chris and JJ.


Yesterday Henry and I had a play date with Brittney, Liam and Charlotte at Farm Country. Henry loved seeing the animals, riding in the wagon and playing on the grass. He definitely did not love riding the pony. When I tried to set him down he got super stiff and grabbed onto me as hard as he could. We decided to just watch instead.




We are a little obsessed with our sweet baby boy, we can’t get enough of him. Hopefully my next post will be of a few projects I’ve been working on and am desperate to finally finish.