Thursday, July 17, 2014


We always intended on going to Utah over Christmas break but thanks to Mairin and Chad’s wedding in November the kids and I got to enjoy an extended stay. Mairin and Chad got married the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Having arrived in Utah only the night before we were a little stressed making sure we were fully prepared for the wedding day festivities. Hazel was still nursing so it took some planning ahead but thanks to my mom we were able to enjoy the entire day. The sealing was wonderful and Mairin looked like a princess. It was so fun to see so many family and friends that day. I will forever be disappointed that I never had a chance to snap a good picture the entire day.  I had been to busy to snap any pictures on my phone. But everything about that day was perfect from beginning to end.

The rest of our week was filled with amazing family time. We missed them so much. We loved being back in Utah. We ran the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning around the temple. It was chilly, and early, but the kids were great and loved getting pushed by Grandpa the entire race.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Ryttings this year. All too soon the week was over. Mckay had to go back to Indiana for school but I got to stay in Utah with the kids. It was hard being away from Mckay for so long, especially during the holidays, so December in Utah was bittersweet. It was fun to do the traditional holiday outings. and I loved helping my mom shop and get ready for everyone to come into town. The kids and I also got to be there for the annual Salt Lake weekend. One of our favorite traditions and just not quite the same without Mckay, though we had a blast. Henry especially loved playing in the pool with Grandpa. And Hazel loved hanging out with cousin Kailtyn. (They are only 3 months apart)




One December day my parents and I took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We nearly had the whole place to ourselves. Henry had a blast running around and exploring. And I have to say taking my kids to museums/aquariums/etc. and seeing them learn and explore is just about my favorite thing.


DSC_0671        DSC_0689        DSC_0715

The weeks flew by and finally classes were over and Mckay was finally able to meet us in Utah for some real Holiday fun.