Monday, March 24, 2014



One of the last things we did before moving to Indiana was give Hazel a blessing. Mckay gave her the sweetest blessing at his parents home in Orem. It was the perfect day. The weather was beautiful and it was so wonderful to spend time with our family and very best friends. We felt so loved and so full of gratitude for everyone who loves and supports our little family.



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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Our first summer as a family of four got off to a slow start. Dealing with a busy toddler, newborn on oxygen, just trying to figure out the whole two kid thing in general was a lot to handle at first. Overwhelming to say the least. A lot of our first weeks home with Hazel were spent indoors. But once she started getting stronger, bigger and we got more confident we took every opportunity we could to enjoy our last summer in Provo.

Our first we weeks were also spent dealing with a temper tantrum throwing toddler, who was adjusting to a new little in the house. He handled it like a champ though. He was indifferent, and a teeny bit hostile towards Hazel at the beginning but we’re so grateful that he warmed up to her in less than a week. When he finally showed interest in her and wanted to hold her our hearts just about burst into pieces.


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We had been growing tired of the Provo/BYU scene for awhile but it seemed like that Summer there were so many fun/new things popping up. We have always been a fan of Farmers Markets and the Provo one continues to get bigger and better. With the installation of the new splash pad and park right on the corner of State and Center it made for perfect Saturday Mornings. We would head straight to the Farmers Markets in the morning, getting fresh produce, macarons, flavored lemonades and our favorite Fiore Pizza. About the time we were finishing our shopping the splash pad would turn on. We got to spend a wonderful half hour or so eating our pizza and letting the little man run around in the water before it got too crowded. This was one of my favorite traditions we had that summer. I will always remember those sweet Saturday mornings with my little family.


We also had to make one last quick trip up to the Rytting Cabin. We love that place so much and have so many great memories there. This trip was wonderfully low key. We talked, ate, read, slept. And it is always so fun letting Henry explore up there. The cabin is perfect for a little relaxing trip and we will miss being so close to it.

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While at the cabin we were also going through the process of buying a home. We had narrowed our options down to two. Our top pick was in a great neighborhood, had tons of character, hard wood floors, wood burning fire place and a great backyard. It also was further from school and required a lot of remodeling (mustard yellow bathroom) we were discouraged when things fell through with that house but we quickly moved on to our second pick. Closer to school, great neighborhood but not in the best school district, smaller but still had a great yard and required less work. We found out our offer had been accepted while at the cabin. We were elated. And looking back we are so glad our first choice fell through because we are completely in love with our home. Its very nearly perfect. :)


We also made a quick trip up to Idaho Falls to see Chris, JJ and Kaitlyn. I can’t remember if there was a specific reason for going up or if it was just for fun. Wait. JJ’s birthday I think. And this might have been the first time they met Hazel as well. Either way, we always have lots of family fun when in Idaho. Plus, we love hotel stays because it means unlimited pool access for Mr. Henry and he LOVES to swim.

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Thanks to a dear friend we also discovered an amazing man made lake near Timpanogos Temple. I went there with her on one of my first outings out with 2 kids on my own. Henry was in Heaven. The beaches were perfect and he just swam and kicked his little legs around for a good two hours. I loved it so much we eventually took Mckay back. This time was fun but the wind and cold water drove us away early.

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Another major highlight of the summer came on the Fourth of July. Ever since hearing Kelly Clarkson and Carley Ray Jepson were performing at the Stadium of Fire I was dying to go. Especially since Mckay is such a Kelly Clarkson fan. I was never expecting to be able to go but everything fell in to place days before and Mckays wonderful mom offered to watch the kids while we went. I admit that before this concert I was ignorant to just how amazing Kelly Clarkson really is. But this show converted me. She is so talented! We were blown away. Seriously, this summer was one for the books. So good in so many ways.