Wednesday, July 27, 2011

henry takes a bite

we finally got around to adding a little rice cereal to henry’s diet.

DSC_2169 (game face)

from a babe who refuses to take a bottle, we weren’t  that surprised when the food went in



and very quickly back out.



Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last weekend we took a little trip with my family up to Rexburg to visit Chris and JJ. Part of our time there was spent in West Yellowstone, which we were pretty excited about. We got to Yellowstone Friday night, just in time for some Rocky Mountain Pizza (much to Mckay’s delight) before my family went off to a play while us and the babe walked around main street. We had all day Saturday to explore the park. We first made our way up to Mammoth Hot Springs and spent some time there.





we drove around the park enjoying the sights and trying to get henry to nap. we ended our day with a stop at the lower falls, not really sure what they’re officially called.



such a fun weekend where we enjoyed pretty scenery,  fun in the pool, yummy food and some much loved family time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 mos.

our little man turned 5 months old on the 11th. time is just flying by a little too fast, makes me kinda sad.  but oh how I love seeing his personality grow and develop, seeing him starting to figure things out. he has such a fun personality and we are obsessed with him if you couldn’t tell.

at 5 months old he is growing into quite a chubs. at his last appointment he measured above average in height and weight. he is drooling constantly and anything he grabs goes straight to his mouth. we’re working on tummy time, I guess that’s more my fault than his. I just hate it. he just seems so content to hang out on his back. he loves his daddy. he loves movies (does that make me a bad mom? I have to shower somehow…) it looks like he’s getting over his baby baldness and recent hair loss, we’ve got some pretty blonde hair growing in. he sleeps about 12 hours a night, (we’re a little spoiled) but I have a feeling that wont last forever. he still refuses to take a bottle. bummer.





oh sweet babe we love you so.


Monday, July 11, 2011

book club.

mckay thinks book clubs are lame. I think they’re awesome. so imagine my delight when for an fhe last month mckay suggested the fun idea of reading one book together each month. we’ve read books together in the past, basically me reading the hunger games trilogy aloud (cool right?). but our trip last month really got us back into reading so we thought we’d keep it up.

our book for June: born to run by Christopher McDougall


This book was so interesting to read, we talked about it for days. in fact we’re still talking about it. The book talks about the Tarahumara tribe in Northern Mexico, their lifestyle and their  barefoot racing traditions. It also talks about ultra racing, races that take place over 50-100+ miles , where runners race non stop for hours and hours. Some of the stories in the book were so incredible (and crazy) it was almost hard to believe. It also talks about our bodies and how they were built to run.

We are not runners by any means but this book has really influenced us. More than anything we realized how capable our bodies are and the importance of staying active. The book taught me that I have been running wrong, and after changing my shoes and my stride, I have already noticed a difference in my running (and by running I mean slow jogging :) and more importantly, how good I feel after. We cant stop recommending this book to people.

our book for July: Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities

oh how I love the fourth of july. it is truly one of my favorite holidays, and the fact that we had an extra long weekend made it even better this year. Apparently we were too busy having fun to take very many pictures, but Mckay did capture Henry’s first dip in the kiddie pool.


DSC_2105(us and our matching potbellies…sigh)

We’re pretty sure he enjoyed it. Saturday was spent in alpine with a tasty bbq, massive water fight, sub zero ice cream (not our favorite) and the best stadium of fire works we have seen in a long time. We were pretty curious to see how the babe would react to the fireworks. He hardly even noticed them, he was too busy people watching.

Sunday we headed up to the Rytting Cabin in the Uintas. I was excited to be up there in the Summer, since I’ve only been there in the fall. but as luck would have it there was still snow on the ground and ice in the lakes. still beautiful though. we spent the night and enjoyed relaxing with a bunch of Rytting family before coming home on Monday. And because I cant do a post without mentioning food, Dicks in Kamas, oh my they have the best marshmallow shakes and fries (potbelly explained)

we finished off our Fourth of July weekend with a fire works show courtesy of Papa Jacobs. we also enjoyed the view of the valley from our driveway, so many fireworks! so fun that we can do aerials now.

such a fun time of year! Happy Fourth to all! : )