Monday, December 6, 2010

forgotten goods from the camera

oh goodness it’s been awhile. And I am quite sick of looking at Paul Millsap’s floating head every time I open our blog so the time for an update is past due. I have some catching up to do. Our quiet life has had its busy moments lately, especially with the holidays and I’m sad because I’ve been neglecting our camera lately, so the pictures are few and far between but just for the record:


Our Thanksgiving Break was much enjoyed, and needed. Our week was filled with mountains and mountains of food ( we literally cooked for two days straight), jazz games, family, a killer Rock Band jam session, movies (Tangled was too cute), a little Black Friday shopping, and lots of relaxing.

While I’m catching up there are some pictures from October that I just need to post. I have to pay tribute to our Halloween weekend trip to the Rytting cabin. Halloween weekend at the cabin is becoming a tradition, it was seriously a weekend straight from Heaven.





We got to play in dreamy places like Christmas Meadows, Lilly Lake, and Provo River Falls. It felt more like Christmas break than Halloween weekend, we left the cabin surrounded by snow. We did make sure to celebrate Halloween properly, with a serious pumpkin carving. Mckays pumpkin was quite a thing to behold, he carved some lobster character from Futurama, I cant remember its name. but it was amazing, I wish I had gotten a picture. I was being ambitious, and attempted to carve Mr. Harry James Potter in honor of #7, but quickly ran out of steam and ended up with a picture of Harry, taped to the front. It was a nice thought, anyway. Okay, I feel better now that October and November are taken care of.  We’ll see how I do with December updates.