Monday, February 13, 2012

saturday we had a party

 we celebrated Henry’s first birthday over the weekend and oh did we have fun! the day started off with some Birthday french toast and the babes very own package that came in the mail, all the way from auntie in New York.


 Months ago I daydreamed of throwing the cutest little themed birthday boy party, pirates, robots, monsters, whatever. but when it came right down to it, I didn’t want to go “theme” crazy with something that wasn’t distinctly Henry. I’m hoping next year he will have more defined likes or obsessions but for right now he really just seems to love everything. so I decided to forgo a theme this year and just focus on things being all about henry, fun and colorful. and despite my poor planning and having the party right in the middle of Henry’s nap time he seemed to enjoy it.

the food. we decided to serve kid’s food and had peanut butter and jelly or honey sandwiches, without the crusts of course. my mom made homemade macaroni and cheese, lysa brought a delicious salad and because henry loves yogurt we had a yogurt bar complete with toppings of mixed berries, chocolate chips and granola.


the food was simple and tasted great, Henry loved it all. after we ate it was time to sing Happy Birthday and celebrate with a little birthday cupcake which Henry ate quite daintily. we were expecting much more of a mess.




we were so grateful for our family that came to celebrate Henry’s big day with us. one of my favorite things about the weekend was having all of my family together. I am so happy that Chris, JJ and Marty were able to come down. We really missed Chris, Mairin and Bryce but were so glad when Mairin joined us via Skype to open presents.


DSC_3523DSC_3524so sad I didn’t get a picture of my mom and grandma.


We are saving for a trip this spring and so I challenged myself to make as many of the decorations with craft materials we already had and spend as little as I could. It was so fun for me to have some craft projects to work on.

details. with a lot of help from pinterest I made a few things, a felt celebration garland by DANA, not the best picture. this was one of the easiest things to make ever, just cut circles of felt in different colors and sizes, feed them through the sewing machine one after the other. this took me maybe an hour.


photo wall. I made numbered tags with my cricut and developed two pictures for each month. I hung them using twine and clothespins. this was probably one of my favorite things, I just might leave it up for a few more days.


another tutorial I got off of Pinterest. This birthday hat was also easy and quick.


I had to join in the trend of water bottle labels, also found this on Pinterest.


Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes from Martha Stewart


at the last minute I decided to hang these “H’s” that I had from when I was decorating Henry’s room. I simply covered them with patterned paper and hung them lopsided with twine.


it was such a fun and quite perfect day celebrating our wonderful boy. he has been such a blessing to our family and we are so grateful to be his parents. we can’t believe we now have a one year old.