Thursday, May 22, 2014

DC: Arlington Cemetery, DC3, Embassy Row, ShopHouse

Friday morning we spent the day at Arlington Cemetery. It was sobering, and special to see. The endless rows of tombstones is staggering. But it was important to go and I’m so glad we went. The trees were beautiful, and again, we were grateful to soak in the family time together. 




DSC_0422       DSC_0429       DSC_0436



After that cold morning we headed to East End Market and got hot dogs at DC3. We had just picked this place off of yelp and it was surprisingly good! and the fact that they had fried Oreos was a definite plus.

Later we drove down Embassy Row (wish I had pictures), and tried to guess which Country it was based on the flag. Pretty fun. We picked up Adam and got ShopHouse Kitchen (an Asian Chipotle spin off) to go.

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