Thursday, May 22, 2014

DC: White House Garden Tour, and the best Chili (our last day)

First of all let me mention that when we first decided to take this trip we had left it open ended. We didn’t have an exact plan for how long we would stay, we just wanted to wait and see how the kids did. As our week in DC progressed we kept deciding to stay another day, and another. It is a testament to how incredible our kids our at travelling that we even stayed till Thursday. We felt like Friday was even pushing it. Especially considering the long drive home and Mckay having school on Monday. But when my brother Adam called from work letting us know he had tickets to the White House Garden Tour for Saturday if we were interested we ultimately decided to stay an extra day and drive home Sunday. That’s 8 days guys. With a crazy toddler and a 5 month old. Sharing one bedroom. We were tired, to say the least but had the absolute best time. It was such a wonderful trip and we couldn’t have done it at all, without the help of our families. We love ‘em. And we love our kids. and our eternally grateful for how easy going they are. It just makes me that more excited for all our future family travelling.

Back to Saturday. Like I said, Adam got tickets to a Private Garden Tour at the White House. We actually got to go onto the grounds, which only happens twice a year. It was interesting to be that close to the building itself. And also to see a playground where the Obama girls play. I loved seeing Michelle Obama’s garden. If only…We were so glad we stayed the extra day to see it. The weather was cold and windy so we headed back to Alexandria for lunch and finally tried this place that Adam and Carley kept mentioning, (even though I cant remember the name) and for the first time in a restaurant, we ordered a chili dog. Seriously, that chili. They have 5 different kinds and basically every item on the menu comes topped with a chili of your choice. It was delish.

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