Thursday, May 22, 2014

DC:Touring the Capitol

While we were in DC my brother was interning for a Senator so we were treated to a personalized tour of the Capitol Building. The building of course is beautiful but I was most impressed by my sweet little brother, who blew me away with how much history and information he knew. Seriously, I was one proud big sister. I’ll be honest trying to keep a curious, independent 2 year old in check during a tour is nearly impossible. Henry was pretty miserable at being detained (he at several different points in the tour just flat out refused to get up off the ground) and we were pretty exhausted from hauling him around but it was worth it I suppose.

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Afterwards we enjoyed a late lunch at District of Pi, recommended by a friend. By that point the kids were pretty much done for the day. Mckay’s mom generously offered to watch the kids while Mckay, Chris and I met Adam and Carley at Old Ebbits Grill for dinner. The food was great and the atmosphere was even better. The restaurant is famous for being DC’s oldest saloon (built in 1856!), and has served numerous political figures as well as past presidents. I can’t remember what I even ordered, but we had a blast spending time with our siblings. Being so close to the White House we of course had to walk over to get a glance of it all lit up.


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