Thursday, May 22, 2014

DC: Portrait Gallery and Air and Space (again)

Wednesday was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Lysa and Chris who were on their way to New York. I just have to say right now that while we saw and did some amazing things in DC by far the best thing was just being with our families. We were so happy that Mairin and Chad came down from New York, even if it was only for the weekend. It was so amazing to see Chris again (after being in Chile for 2 years) and we loved spending time with Lysa and were so grateful for how much she helped us with the kids. And Henry just adored being around his Grandma and so many aunts and uncles. We were seriously spoiled. We were also so lucky to stay with Adam and Carley, who generously let the 4 of us crash in their little apartment for 10 days. We are truly blessed with such amazing families.

Anyways… having dropped them off it was the first time our little family of 4 had been alone together on this trip. We felt like taking it easy a little bit. We got the idea from a friend to go to the Portrait Gallery. There’s an enclosed courtyard in the center of the museum with tables and running along the middle of the courtyard are these rivers of water only a centimeter deep, called scrims. The warm water is constantly flowing and we thought it would be the perfect place to relax and let Henry go nuts. It was seriously one of our favorite things. Henry was in heaven and honestly so were we. He was entertained and we could just sit and chat and enjoy the beautiful courtyard.  We finished off that outing with the most delicious crepes we bought at a stand near the museum.




Later in the day we went back and explored more of the Air and Space Museum since there was so much we still hadn’t seen. It was such a joy seeing Henry, wide eyed, and so enthralled with the rockets and air planes.

We ended the night with a delicious bowl of pho and a game of Catan. perfect.

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